Examinations Assessment

Internal Examination

This is an examination that is prepared and marked at our centre. This examination is weighted as follows:

1. 80 – 100     Distinction       A

2. 70 – 79       High Credit      B

3. 60 – 69       Credit              C

4. 50 – 59       Pass                D

5.   0 – 49       Fail                 E

A student who will obtain the highest marks in each course will be awarded with the Certificate of Best Achievement for that particular course.

Remarking of Examinations

Any student, who feels that he/she did better and thinks that he/she was marked unfairly, can apply for his/her examination papers to be remarked. A remarking fee per subject will be charged and no paper will be remarked before the remarking fee is paid.

Rewriting of Examinations

All students who failed their examination both internal and external are allowed to rewrite these examination on specified dates. A rewriting fee will be charged per subject and should be paid before the examination date. No student will be allowed to rewrite his/her examination without paying the rewriting fees for the subjects that he/she wants to rewrite. In addition, no student is allowed to rewrite examination for subjects that he/she passed.  A Candidate is only allowed to sit for examination for the same subject three times thereafter if the candidate failed those three attempts, he/she will be required to re-attend the classes for that particular subject.  A class attendence fee for that subject is required to be paid before the classes resume.

All students are required to familirise themselves with all the rules in order to avoid incoveniences.