Application for Admission

All students who wants study on full-time, part-time and distance basis must apply for admission to Advanced CompuTech & BusiTech Centre on the prescribed form of admission. Application forms are available on request at the Centre and can be provided free of charge. All application forms should be submitted together with the prescribed fees.

In addition, applicants must attach copies of their educational qualifications and identity documents. No application form will be processed without the prescribed fees.  Students from outside Namibia need to submit medical examination certificates together with their application forms for admission.

Admission Procedures


Applicant must be able to speak and understand English in order for him/her to be admitted. Applicants for Short-Term and Mid-Term courses are not required to have any relevant qualification but it’s recommended that they pass grade 10 or 12.  Any other applicants that cannot understand English will also be accommodated.  Provission for a lecturers who can speak the same local languages in order to assist these applicants will be made, however we will not translate our study guides into those languages.  This provission is only applicable to short-term courses.

Study Regulations

Change of Courses and Mode of Study

A student is allowed to change his or her course within 31 days from the date of registration. This change must be approved by the Director & Head of Students Affairs and it must be in writing. 

Student who wants to change from full-time to part-time or to distance or vise-versa is permitted to do so provided that it is permitted by the Director & Head of Students Affairs. This change must be done within 31 days from the date of registration.

Termination of Studies

Any student who wants to terminate his or her studies, he or she must notify the Head of Students Affairs in writing as soon as possible.

Attendance of Lectures

All students must attend all lecturers, unless there is a valid reason that can prove that the student was unable to attend the lectures. All assignments and any other study activities must be completed by all students on time. In addition, students must write all tests, unless there is a valid reason tha prevented them to do so.

If the absence is caused by a funeral, the student must provide a copy of death certificate upon his/her arrival to the institution. If the absence is caused by the illness, the student must provide the doctor’s certificate upon his/her arrival to the institution. Any other absences will only be accepted if there is a valid reason.

Failure to adhere to the above rules can lead to a displinary hearing or dismisal of the guilty students.